while i watch your smile

While I watch your Smile

This song is really about everything: about friendship, love and enmity; about society and global problems of mankind, about the sympathy and magic of the moment.

good and evil

Good and Evil

People strolling along the beach, children playing in the sand, and suddenly I heard a voice in my head ... so let yourself be enchanted and seducted into the world of goblins and ouphes.

caren knows

Caren knows

This is a song about a smart girl named "Caren" who spends a lot of time keeping herself looking nice. When Caren's younger sister "Kate" mentiones to marry Tom Caren becomes upset. Why does she get angry? Find it out!

the colours of this day

The Colours of this Day

Every single day is in itself unique and inimitable, because you experience this one day. Your senses perceive every possible impression and all your thoughts are ponderings on just this day. And there you see "The Colours of this Day".

life is a fragile thing

Life is a fragile Thing

Brisk and bullsy persons dive into adventures and decide quickly. But yes - they live more risky and dangerous than the timid and reserved types who try to avoid risks and who need many insurances. For those "Life is a fragile Thing".



An afghanish girl remembers the magic time when she once grew up in in her former home country. That was a long time ago - and it was a strange decisive time ...