life is a fragile thing

Life is a fragile Thing

A timid man admires his brisk and bullsy friends. He himself avoids fast decisions and he tries to insure every danger. He is cautious and doubtful, he seems to live second hand. For him "life is a fragile thing".



An afghanish girl remembers the magic time when she once grew up in in her former home country. That was a long time ago - and it was a strange decisive time ...

i can't dance

I can't dance

You tell me that you were walking through the streets of Dubai - you explain to me your journey to Australia ...

a meeting with myself

A Meeting with myself

I was feeling like living behind a curtain, behind myself in a cage. So I made a meeting with myself - in the cellar of my mind.

haunting moment

Haunting Moment

Last night you - you looked at me, and you asked me about lamb shift. You poured the tea - so slowly - and you explained your ethical basics.

somebody calls his name

Somebody calls his Name

It may happen that you realize that some things repeat. You see that situations have been there years ago. Maybe there's a pattern or a symmetry?